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Two Tree Point, Bruny Island

Surf’s up … … a heavy swell was running on Bruny’s east coast this afternoon, with some spectacular surf pounding the cliffline along Adventure Bay. We caught a slightly more gentle version on video at Two Tree Point.  

Another day in paradise

The weather forecast for today was a bit bleak but the morning has been lovely and sunny. The strange thing about the Channel region is that we often miss the rain predicted for Hobart and surrounding districts. We have had many conversations with friends who live in Hobart and are enclosed in one of the…

A new crop of hoppers!

We love the wallabies on Bruny Island… and the pademelons at Kettering! We were on Bruny first thing this morning and it was absolutely fantastic to see all the young mums with their babies on board. The joeys are at the age where the world outside is a curious place, and they are forever sticking…

Relax & Recharge on Bruny Island

Advances in technology are so exciting, but all too often it’s difficult to keep up with those changes. Not so on Bruny Island! If you own a Tesla car you can now visit Bruny Island and be assured of being able to get off it. The Adventure Bay store recently installed a Tesla charging point….

“Wot’s in a name …?”

Signs in Eggs & Bacon would need to be changed if vegans get their way. Photo: Rachel Pannett/The Wall Street Journal Well, according to the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA), “Eggs and Bacon Bay” in the Channel region of southern Tasmania is an unwholesome name, and is one that conjures up the…

50 shades of Bruny Grey

Driving through Great Bay this morning … had to stop and shoot the scene … scudding clouds and sheets of rain in the distance. Even on an overcast day, Bruny is magic.

Discovering the art of the Channel

Our beautiful region is the type of place which naturally attracts the creative. The diverse range of scenery and unspoiled nature of the Channel region not only inspires creativity but also contributes to the development of our community and the diversity of people who settle here. Unsurprisingly, many artists who discover the Channel make their…

Cielo del cioccolato

There are many reasons to visit the d’Entrecasteaux Channel region, south of Hobart. Nestled along the beautiful waterway are villages and beautiful spots, perfect for a day or two of exploring. For the perfect day out, pack a picnic accompanied with a bottle of bubbly and some beautiful handmade chocolates. You forgot to bring the…

Big Hairy Breakfast

Sunday morning and after four weeks of absolute mayhem with our renovation nightmare we decided it was a good morning for breakfast out. We couldn’t travel too far from home so we thought we’d try “The Hairy Giraffe” on the Channel Highway in Margate. The café occupies an old church next door to the Margate…