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Red Velvet Breakfast

We woke up this morning bright and early, said “brrrr” to each other then decided it was time for brekky. We considered our normal toast and coffee but instead opted to jump in the car, drive to Cygnet and try the revamped Red Velvet Lounge. The café made famous by Steve Cumper was devastated by…

Do You Like Chocolate?

If you do, you absolutely owe it to yourself to call into Nutpatch in Kettering. In an unassuming shop on the Channel Highway is a treasure trove of the finest chocolate crafted by hand, filled with luscious and memorable centres. Nutpatch is worth the drive from Hobart as it’s the home of one of the…

Try a cider tour! After all, we are the Apple Isle.

Cider has once begun to gain in popularity as not only an everyday drink but one that can be enjoyed as a special occasion tipple. Tasmania’s cider breweries are beginning to prove that not only can we grow the best fruit but we can also make the best ciders. So how do you find out…

Winter in Tasmania!

For the first time in many years it has snowed in southern Tasmania, blanketing us with a nice light fall. We love snowy days and it gave us a rare opportunity to get out at the crack of dawn with cameras to photograph our garden in a totally different guise.

View of light breaking through clouds on the d'Entrecasteaux Channel, from the Bruny Island ferry.

The beautiful Channel

Heading home to Kettering on the ferry from Bruny yesterday afternoon, we were treated to this spectacular play of light on water. The Channel region is a lovely part of Australia and is easy to miss if you visit Tasmania. Spend a little time driving south from Hobart … take the meandering Channel Highway from…

Winter is coming

Well winter is finally on its way and the arrival of robins back into the landscape heralds its imminent arrival. These little birds, known as Scarlet Robins,  migrate to higher ground during the warmer months. They are inquisitive and often provide company whilst we are working in the gardens, hopping around pickup up anything good…

Unexpected surprises

The beauty of this region is the number of tucked away treasures that are only discovered by getting out and exploring. I recently got out on the road early one beautiful morning with my camera and headed south across the Woodbridge Hill, ending up at Hartzview vineyard where this pic was taken. Really worth the…

Whales shot in Adventure Bay, Bruny Island!

This startling photograph of people shooting whales is actually the Tasmanian Marine Conservation officers tagging whales in Adventure Bay … they tag young calves on the annual migration through the region.  

Renovation Heaven

The pace of our renovations at Parnella Kettering has really picked up with the new two bedroom suite now scheduled to come online at the beginning of December. We are really kicking ourselves for not doing this renovation before the cottage, but the reality at the time was that we didn’t really know what form…

Finally … Accreditation!

We have been finally given our accreditation through the Tourism Australia Accreditation Program. This is really exciting for us .. the main benefit is the reassurance it will give our guests to know that we are providing high quality accommodation backed up with professional level service.