News from Parnella Accommodation and our backyard!

Been a dry summer!

We have had a beautiful summer but the lack of rain means everyone’s a little thirsty.

One of our recent guests at our cottage on Bruny Island took this photo … wild wallabies enjoying a drink from our sheep’s water trough.

Although the sheep don’t mind sharing they did comment that the water always “tastes a bit funny” after the wallabies have had their share!

The whole of Bruny Island relies on rainwater capture for drinking water as there is no centralised dam or mains water anywhere on the island. There are also very few sources of fresh groundwater.

In times of low rainfall we have to purchase water from the local water supply managed by our local Council. They supply high quality treated water from the aquifer in Adventure Bay.

Last year we installed a double filter and UV treatment system which the manufacturer claims will deliver safe drinking water removing any chance of bacterial contamination.

Although the Bruny rainwater is safe to drink we believe it’s essential to manage all aspects of our guests’ experience while they stay with us.

All we need now is more rain!