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Big Hairy Breakfast

Sunday morning and after four weeks of absolute mayhem with our renovation nightmare we decided it was a good morning for breakfast out.

We couldn’t travel too far from home so we thought we’d try “The Hairy Giraffe” on the Channel Highway in Margate.

The café occupies an old church next door to the Margate Primary School. The exterior belies the interior’s charm and quirkiness. Although there are no views from the restaurant itself, the interior ambience is perfect!

We took Sue’s daughter Mel along and we really enjoyed our food … Eggs Benedict for Sue and Mel while Jonathan tucked into a big breakfast.

The food is really well prepared with the chef adept at fine-tuning diners’ requests.

The Hairy G also offers a range of gluten-free and vegan options.

Not much more we can report … if you feel like a good breakfast en-route down the Channel we’d certainly recommend THG …friendly staff and well prepared great tasting food with a reasonable tariff. Plus great coffee!

Find THG on Facebook … @The HairyGiraffe

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