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Bruny Night Life!


For many, a trip to Bruny Island is a daytime affair. They miss out on what makes Bruny really interesting …. the amazing nocturnal activity.

After dusk the wild things come out. From penguins to possums, all sorts of interesting creatures prowl, play and forage.

These little animals are Tasmanian eastern quolls and are relatively common throughout Tasmania.

They are medium sized marsupial carnivores and, despite their cute looks, they are formidable hunters, eating insects and even taking other small animals such as mice and rabbits.

These photos were taken at the Bruny Island ferry terminal just on dusk. The street lights at the terminal attract insects which the quolls feed on. They also forage for food dropped by visitors in and around the car park.

More information on quolls can be found by clicking here.

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