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Bruny … or should that be Brewny?


We love entrepreneurship and the pioneers on Bruny continue to deliver.

Bruny Island cheesemaker, Nick Haddow, is moving into brewing with the development of a brewery at his site in Great Bay.

In his words:

Why we want a brewery…

We’re obsessed with fermentation.  We love traditional, handmade beers.

Beer and cheese are perfect ancient partners.

Our beer making philosophy is strongly aligned with our cheese making philiosophy… small batch, handmade beers, big on flavour and a reflection of where they are made and time of year they are made.

Our beers will initially be available on tap and in bottles through our Cheese Club, cellar door on Bruny Island, our store in Hobart and a few selected bars in Hobart.

So exciting times ahead. If his beer is as interesting as his cheeses ….!