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Discovering the art of the Channel

brochure-mergeOur beautiful region is the type of place which naturally attracts the creative.

The diverse range of scenery and unspoiled nature of the Channel region not only inspires creativity but also contributes to the development of our community and the diversity of people who settle here.

Unsurprisingly, many artists who discover the Channel make their homes here and, although there are many working in the region, it is also reasonably difficult to access their work.

In an an attempt to remedy this, the Channel Regional Arts Group Inc. (CRAG) in collaboration with the Kingborough Council have released a guide to working artists in the region.

The brochure includes a map as well as examples of the artists’ work along with contact details for the artists themselves.

The brochure can be obtained from many sources in the region, including the Visitor Information Centre at the Mermaid Café in Kettering.

Further information can also be obtained from the Channel Regional Arts Group’s web site.

The CRAG site also includes galleries of the member artists work.

So come and spend some time exploring our region and take home a piece of art created by artists living and working here.