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Red Velvet Breakfast


We woke up this morning bright and early, said “brrrr” to each other then decided it was time for brekky.

We considered our normal toast and coffee but instead opted to jump in the car, drive to Cygnet and try the revamped Red Velvet Lounge. The café made famous by Steve Cumper was devastated by a fire last November, causing considerable distress to the owner and townsfolk. Now that it is rebuilt and open for business we thought it was time to check it out. We were not disappointed. Even though it was chilly, wet and grey outside, the early morning atmosphere of the café, although still cool, was warmed beautifully by the woodfire blazing away and the friendly and professional staff.

We both chose from the cooked menu but there are loads of other items to drool over (from a hygienic distance of course). The coffee is great and the menu and prices make it worth the effort for an early Sunday morning drive … or any morning for that matter (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

We have tried many places for delicious breakfasts over the past few years and this is definitely one of the best!

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The Red Velvet Lounge’s current breakfast menu (30 August 2015)