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Communicating with our guests is becoming increasingly difficult as many booking channels, such as Expedia and Agoda, strip out important information in emails that we send. 

Why they do this is a mystery but we are assuming that it is to prevent direct marketing material being sent to their customers. From our perspective, as the supplier of the product being purchased, we find it it can lead to frustration on the part of the guests as they feel we aren’t communicating in a timely manner.

The emails we send using the booking channels’ own messaging system usually contain important check-in information and other time-critical information. Text messaging using the SMS system is also unreliable, especially if guests are travelling in remote areas.

We have found that the best method of securely contacting our guests with itinerary information is by using the WhatsApp application. 

No matter what is being said about the app, the most important thing is that it works by pushing notifications out to guests when they have network contact. And it’s secure.

So spread the word … sign up to WhatsApp when you’re travelling and tell the hotels that you’re planning to stay at that this is the best way of keeping in touch with you.