News from Parnella Accommodation and our backyard!

Where the wild things are.

Our new development on Bruny Island is in an iconic location as the above photograph demonstrates.

The red outline is the boundary of our very special 12 acre property and beyond and around us is the South Bruny National Park which contains some amazing scenery.

Our closest neighbours are wallabies, echidnas and the amazingly varied birdlife. And you may even spot dolphins or the occasional whale in the waters nearby.

We feel extremely fortunate to have become the custodians of this beautiful part of Bruny Island and we have worked hard with environmental consultants, our local Council, naturalists and architects to develop what we hope will become an example of best practice in tourism development.

We purchased the property on a whim in 2012 and then we discovered that we were going to face some major challenges to build anything in the area.

It has taken since then to create a planned development which will enhance our visitors’ experience and understanding of the ecology of the island, will have a minimal impact on visitors using the Grass Point walking track into the National Park as well as allow us to re-vegetate an area which was once heavily grazed pasture.

The full Planning Permit includes the cottage which we are about to start building as well as a Lodge containing 4 suites, a dining room, commercial kitchen, lounge and outdoor sitting and dining.

The Lodge has been cleverly designed to be set back into the ground to minimise visual impact from the walking track below and to maximise the experience guests will have of being surrounded by beautiful bushland.

The Cottage be available for guests from late 2024 / early 2025.